September 17, 2008

Ride til’ i die, Lord knows i stay high.
Clear ya’ mind, let it run free. Let’s talk about you, not me.

I’m the same person livin’ it for fun. No profit, no fund. Day by day the days run out. I’m Tasha, never going to stop. I’m going to push harder til’ i’m sittin’ on top. Off the top my head, til’ the day I’m dead. i’m going to make my way up. Stand strong in what you believe in & never give up.

Sixxxteen years deep, my heart still beats. Late at night runnin’ these LV streets. Talk is cheap, but with these words i’m leaving haters weak.

you gotta play it how it goes, you can’t cheat on life.


One comment

  1. I guess i was a little more creative with my words back then

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