Turning Point?

Maybe I made a terrible decision by coming out to Vegas, maybe everyone was right & I wasn’t ready to do this just yet. I’ve only been here two days & already managed to ’cause damage. I fucked up, no big huge surprise there.. I always manage to fuck everything up. Unfortunately it’s like common nature for me to screw everything up. 

I don’t know what to do right now. I know what i’m used to doing, by completely taking off and running from the whole situation. Rather then being logical and just facing the music and eventually everything will be fine & blow over. But so much of me just wants to just say fuck it, dipp out & in all reality it’s just gonna ’cause more drama and reckage to my life. 


is it the whole pride & ego thing, the fact that i dont want to just man up to my own bullshit? or is it all just fear based? i’m thinking all of the above. fuck, i’m so stuck right now. We all know what we need to do, we all know the difference between good & bad.. its just the matter of the fact of us doing the right thing.. right?


About Tasha Pryde

I can't seem to live life on lives terms, i enjoy escaping reality, suppressing emotions & controlled chaos.

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