Revised-I’m good.

that feeling of loneliness and despair, no longer exists. I can finally say that after a long fucking three years. For so damn long I thought that was never going to happen, nor did i even at some point think it was even slightly possible. Things are finally starting to turn around in my life.. in the right direction. Rather than spiraling so far down to the point where death was actually looking like the best bet for me and mind 282552_tumblr_mo7c71zp7x1qz4d4bo1_500you quite appealing.

Today I wake up and for the most part have a good day, no drama. Where as not only a few months ago, my life was filled with nothing BUT drama, and sadly, drama i created on my own. but whatever, the past is the past. ‘We shall not regret the past, nor shut the door on it” right? ’cause dontcha know we’ll all just full of remorse?

I don’t know where i’m going with this.. but i guess you can say that, for once in a long ass time, i’m finally happy.. After a three year spin of ups and for the most part.. way downs. I’m not completely bashing those three years, in fact i had some amazing times.. but they were only for a short period of time.. and then shit would go back to me basically hating the world.


About Tasha Pryde

I can't seem to live life on lives terms, i enjoy escaping reality, suppressing emotions & controlled chaos.

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