to whoever the …

to whoever the fuck,

in all honesty, i just wanna know.. is it capable of the human race to be there for  a person, love them unconditionally & be completely devoted to them, all about them & basically fuck everyone else. is the human race capable of this?  maybe before my time, but nowadays.. it’s too much to ask for. way too big of an order. Sometimes i tend to think i was born in the wrong era, i cant say i was raised like this.. because unfortunately, i raised myself for the most part. Maybe thats why im so immensely fucked?

so in reality, i’m guessing its not possible. have you ever wanted to just dig deep down inside a person and find that one thing that just kicks them in the stomach because it hurts them that bad to hear, say, let alone think about.. 


About Tasha Pryde

I can't seem to live life on lives terms, i enjoy escaping reality, suppressing emotions & controlled chaos.

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