Throwback 2010 true love..

let me say that heroin is perhaps themost demonized drug today.  It honestly became my true love in every sense of the term. I basically was using anytime I came home on and off and was loving every minute of it. To tell you the truth, after a few months of intermittent use, you never really can forget that mindstate and in my case, I really couldn’t truly enjoy ANYTHING in life without it. Heroin lets the world pass me by and I couldn’t care less. My life began to crumble.  My mom told me while i was on it, that i was awake but lifeless. That killed me inside. I was a slave on the dope train the only thing I thought of was ways to get money or dope, selling, pawning, cheating…anything. Like they say in Trainspotting…who needs reasons when you’ve got heroin?  Not to mention the fact that I will always know the sweet feeling of H and it will always tempt me with his ability to take away all pain. bring me into a state of pleasure
and apathy as if I was wrapped in the world’s most comfortable blanket.  It’s effects, at least on me personally,

are a warm feeling, a constant yet somehow comfortable itch,  an odd feeling stomach cramp which never really bothered me, a pressure in my ears which I can only describe as oceanic, the infamous nod, which is my personal favorite because it helps me sleep and I am a true insomniac. I mean, I remember all the goodtimes
I deff’ remember all the bad, really fucked up times. I’m just so fucking glad that shit isn’t in my life anymore.  now  have five months clean, coming up on six&& it totally trips me out. I actually made it to 19yrs old. I got sober at 18.. i honestly didnt think i was going to make it to 20. & at the rate i was going.. i wouldnt have even made it to 19. i’m amazed..

Whether we like it or not, drugs ARE apart of our world. Drugs are both vilified, in newspaper headlines and public health broadcasts., and glorified in movies, music and fashion. They continue to fascinate and horrify in equal measure. But drug taking is a subject that none of us can afford to ignore.


About Tasha Pryde

I can't seem to live life on lives terms, i enjoy escaping reality, suppressing emotions & controlled chaos.

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